I’ll never look at a tea cozy the same way again (AKA the 2nd annual Hike for Hospice)

Hike for Hospice
In a weeks time I am lacing up my amazing walking shoes and getting ready for the second annual Hike for Hospice. May 5th will once again see the Sweet and Savory Tarts assemble, laugh and walk their way thru this amazing fund raising event. Now, this is where the tea cozy comes in.

Last year, was the first year for the walk and frankly I wasn’t too certain what to expect. Our team was formed from friends in a cookbook club, a name was chosen and a captain stepped forward to get us organized and energized. Each team was encouraged to dress in such a way as to standout in a crowd. Our team proudly wore aprons, how appropriate for a cookbook club, that had been hand painted with our team name emblazoned across the bib.

To complete our ensembles, we each brought along a cooking utensil – remembering that this was a 5km stroll through town, Kitchen Aid Mixers were out of the question. I selected a rather colourful hand painted muffin tin with chicken pictures. Hold on….. I’m getting to the tea cozy.

chicken muffin tin

Our team captain was Sue Keller and to go with her apron, she selected a most wonderful pink tea cozy. Not content to lug it around the course, she donned the cozy and wore it proudly on her head all day, to the delight of everyone.Tea Cozy Sue

Sue sadly left us in February of this year after a courageous battle with cancer. Sue was a woman of deep conviction and had a laugh that would light up a room. This year the Sweet and Savory Tarts are walking with her on our minds and in our hearts. Every time I see a tea cozy I think of Sue first, then a good cup of tea second. I swear I will never look at a tea cozy quite the same way again.

The fundraising goal this year for the Prince Edward County Hike is $55,000 that will go to the new residential hospice home in Picton; a lofty but achievable goal I think. You can help support me by making a secure online donation using your credit card by visiting my page on this site.

100% of the funds raised stay in our community and that is something to smile about; that and tea cozies.

Getting the show on the road


3 thoughts on “I’ll never look at a tea cozy the same way again (AKA the 2nd annual Hike for Hospice)

  1. Kathryn Andrews says:

    Patricia – a lovely heart warming blog post on the Tea Cozy and the Hike for Hospice! What a gift

  2. Sue says:

    Such a worthy cause!

  3. What a wonderful memory of a woman who sounds wonderful!

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