2013 Garden of Weeds

All winter long I dream of summer in my garden.  February/March sees me tenderly planting seeds to get things growing for the greenhouse.  April the ground is cultivated and tilled and the excitement grows as my garlic pushes its eager face up through the straw mulch.

Basil Seedlings for planting

Basil Seedlings for planting

In May and June the garden starts in earnest with planting of potatoes, beans, peas, peppers, squash and my beloved heirloom tomatos, by the hundreds.  So clearly during the month of July, after taking off my garlic scapes, I must have blinked.  I turned around and wondered aloud “Where did the weeds come from?”.  Admittedly we had copious rain and lots of warm sun this year but my garden now looked like Jack and the Beanstalk had taken up residence. 

Bindweed, pigweed and weeds that I’m sure have names longer than the tap root I was about to yank out.  Seriously, I couldn’t see my tomato plants for the waving heads of weeds.  I am loath to remove the milkweed as the flowers are so beautiful and fragrantly reminiscent of lilac and I welcome the Monarch butterflies and bees to my garden.  The rest of the weeds however had to go. 

Beautiful Milkweed Flower

A solid week working methodically row by row (the garden is on the mammoth side) wheelbarrow loads to the weed pile, I could feel the gentle breeze blowing between the rows, sun warming and ripening fruits and there was a restored sense of calm to the summer garden.  Two weeks since my weeding marathon and the new growth on the veggies is extraordinary.. 

I am waiting for a boy scout to arrive and present me with a merit badge for forestry as the tomatos are now almost 5 feet tall and ripening fruit faster than shooting stars. 

All is good in the summer garden.

Ernie’s Plump straight from the garden


6 thoughts on “2013 Garden of Weeds

  1. KerryCan says:

    Oh, those pesky weeds! I grow flowers, not vegetables, but it’s still a never-ending battle! What do you do with your garlic scapes? Do you have a recipe you could share in a future blog post?

    • Garlic scapes are a mystery to many and yet so wonderful to use. I shall most certainly put together a post with ideas for scapes (totally out of season of season of course but just as yummy) Thanks for asking

  2. Despite the weeds your garden sounds like a piece of heaven. Thank you for sharing its beauty here with us.
    And despite its name, I continue to think of milkweed as a beautiful, fragrant flower–as your lovely picture proves. :o)

  3. Ernie’s Plump looks absolutely delicious! I love having a basil plant in my backyard, plus Early Girl tomatoes and parsley. My neighbor grows sage, peppermint and thyme. It’s great to cook with fresh herbs.

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