Spring Heave-Ho ~ Rusty Relics and Glistening Glass

Let’s face it,  most of us wait for spring. And, no matter how long and fierce the winter, spring eventually lands on our doorstep. Like many others, I love spring, the sense of renewal and hope and on the farm – discovery.

There is a wonderful voyage of discovery as you find the first flower shoots pushing their way through the snow and thawing ground like eager shoppers at a Walmart sale. Each flower wants to be first on the scene. In my vegetable garden I eagerly await the tender green shoots of garlic, lovingly planted in the fall and they never fail to reward me. Dreams of garlic scapes dance through my head

The other wonderful discovery in the spring on the farm is what the ground heaves up, gosh that does not sound appealing but that is the best description I can give you. Years ago we were not as diligent about where and how garbage was disposed of. Year over year the ground offers up buried treasures and bits from our past, like a living history lesson.

Note Relics of the Past crop

Each spring there is the glint of broken glass and rusty relics such as horseshoes, poles, buckets, drawbars and discarded metal utensils. Old farm utensils always seem to make an appearance as does barbed wire and pieces of china.

A small sampling of this year’s discovery including a bed spring (perhaps I shall place a candle in that), rusty weigh scales, a fry pan, wrench, horse bit, chain, ornate metal work perhaps from an old sleigh or carriage. Much of the glass is broken however this year there were wonderful glass discoveries in blue, brown and green as well as clear glass. Lots of Javex bottles and 1 green bottle discovery turned into 7 bottles – presto, instant collection.

Rescued Collection

Bottle Collection

Blue Bottle


Many of these treasures are cleaned up and displayed in my farmhouse kitchen. Others end up on the wall of our wood shed sort of like a trophy case.

Woodshed Whimsy


Perhaps my favorite find this year is a small plaque from our town that was affixed to something at one time. Now I’m on a research mission to find out about this business, the time frame and what it may relate to.

Metal Plaque

Ah, the joys of spring on the farm, so much to discover and treasure; I adore the Spring Heave-Ho.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ~Margaret Atwood

Scented Violets

Scented Violets


4 thoughts on “Spring Heave-Ho ~ Rusty Relics and Glistening Glass

  1. M. Nicholson says:

    Patricia ~ I enjoy & am enthralled to read about your farm adventures! What treasures the earth turned up for you this Spring. I cannot wait to hear about your research on the metal plaque. And, the glass bottles will make a lovely display. ~ Michele.

  2. Wow, what a lot of interesting treasures you have buried there, Patricia! We watch a program on The History Channel called “American Pickers” (don’t know if you get to see this or not), but this week, they un-earthed a whole Indian motorcycle that someone had buried!!! Who would have thought that such amazing things could be asleep in the ground!


  3. KerryCan says:

    This post makes me want to go find and abandoned farm and poke around! I remember when my grandparents used to dispose of things this way–I just wish I could remember exactly where.

  4. queenofsienna says:

    That blue milk of magnesia bottle came from my old home town here in Connecticut!

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