Happy 2017 From the Shops of the FMNDDTeam on Etsy and Help With Your Resolutions

From my wonderful group of friends on Etsy – The Forget-me-nots-Daily Discoveries Team

Forget-Me-Nots Daily Discoveries on Etsy


The old year cracks under the burdensome weight of twelve heavy months, and the next year emerges fresh and anew from its shell.

A cracked bell still tolls”

~Terri Guillemets

The New Year offers us the opportunity to look upon 2016, now in the rear-view mirror and reflect on the good, the bad and sometimes the just plain confusing.  However, it is much more fun to look forward with fervent anticipation and hope to the New Year now upon us.  The shops of the Forget-Me-Nots-Daily-Discoveries Team on Etsy bid you a warm and wondrous Welcome to 2017.

A New Year brings for many, the making of resolutions – things we need to work on in the coming months and years.  We would be pleased to help you keep those resolutions – see fi any of these on you’re your list.

I need to save more money

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